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eLHITE: Hybrid eLearning, Innovation and Educational Technology ULg
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The eLHITE research unit comes from the association of the CRIFA teams and the IFRES eCampus unit. The aim of these members is to contribute to meeting some of the educational challenges posed by our society in relation to the development of information and communication technologies (ICTs).

eLHITE's research is more specifically focused on educational technology, whether it's training, development or innovation. Their target audience is varied (from children to adults, in academic/school or non-formal settings, non-profit associations, ministries, non-governmental organizations, public or private companies, etc.).

Current and future research is based on two axes:
  • AXIS 1: Design, implementation and regulation of e-learning devices
  • AXIS 2: Networking of professionals, creation and animation of communities of practice and capitalization of ICT-supported knowledge.